Innovation Management and Business Models is an elective course taught at the second year of the Graduate Program in Management (Direzione Aziendale), University of Catania.

Scheduling of the activities

MON 10-oct Team Building e Orientation in Class
TUE 11-oct Team Building e Orientation in Class
MON 17-oct Visiting the JOL WAVE TIM Laboratory
TUE 18-oct Introduction PRESENT DISCUSS
MON 24-oct (class cancelled)
WED 26-oct Speech of Mr. Riccardo Damiano, Fratelli Damiano Srl
MON 31-oct Sources of Innovation


MON 14-nov Types and Patterns of Innovation


TUE 15-nov Standard Battles and Design Dominance

Timing of Entry

Group #4 Group #9
MON 21-nov Defining the Organization’s Strategic Direction Group #5 Group #8
TUE 22-nov Choosing Innovation Projects Group #6 Group #7
MON 28-nov Collaboration Strategies Group #7 Group #6
TUE 29-nov Protecting Innovation Group #8 Group #5
MON 5-dec Organizing for Innovation Group #9 Group #4
TUE 6-dec Managing the New Product Development Process Group #10 Group #3
MON 12-dec Managing New Product Development Teams Group #11 Group #2
TUE 13-dec Crafting a Deployment Strategy Group #12 Group #1
MON 19-dec Business Models
TUE 20-dec Business Models
WED 21-dec Business Models


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