2017-18 Scheduling


Lun 02-ott 1a lezione Orientation about Innovation and Business Models
Mar 03-ott 2a lezione Orientation about Innovation and Business Models
Lun 09-ott 3a lezione Free Mind Foundry (outdoor activity)
Mar 10-ott Class Cancelled
Lun 16-ott 4a lezione Chapters 2 and 3 – Sources of Innovation; Types and Patterns of Innovation
Mar 17-ott 5a lezione Building Innovation Ecosystems in Israel (outdoor activity)
Lun 23-ott 6a lezione Chapter 4 – Standards Battles and Design Dominance
Mar 24-ott 7a lezione Zappalà (outdoor activity)
Lun 30-ott 8a lezione Chapter 5 – Timing of Entry
Mar 31-ott 9a lezione Chapter 7 – Choosing Innovation Projects
Lun 20-nov 10a lezione Team #1 Presentation: Innovation Ecosystem

Team #2 Presentation: Open Innovation

Mar 21-nov 11a lezione ST Microelectronics (outdoor activity)
Mer 22-nov 12a lezione Team #3 Presentation: Industry 4.0

Team #4 Presentation: Internet of Things

Lun 27-nov 13a lezione Business Model Innovation, Prof. Faraci
Mar 28-nov 14a lezione   Prof. Anne Mione (University of Montpellier) – Innovation through technological standard
Lun 04-dic 15a lezione Team #7 Presentation: Robotics

Team #8 Presentation: Green Innovation

Mar 05-dic 16a lezione Cantine Nicosia (outdoor activity)
Mer 06-dic NO CLASS
Lun 11-dic 17a lezione Team #9 Presentation: Reverse Innovation

Team #10 Presentation: Frugal Innovation (1)

Mar 12-dic 18a lezione Team #11 Presentation: Frugal Innovation (2)

Team #5 Presentation: Machine Learning

Team #6 Presentation: Big Data

Mer 13-dic 19a lezione Commencement at TIM #WCap (outdoor activity)
 20a lezione Revision and Exam Skills before the Final Exam